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About Divine D'Zine 
We love Cake!  We love Sweets! 
Our Cakes are Made From: Scratch.... :)...
We also love "fresh" ingredients. "Real" butter, milk, eggs and natural flavors such as: Madagascar Vanilla beans, lemon oils and creams which are whipped up to bring you the most delicate and fluffy cake and cupcakes possible. 
All of our cake decor are custom crafted from cupcake flowers to game pieces, baby decor and much more...

No one cake will be the same: Each design will be unique. We can tweek and add any color or design. But your design will be strictly for you. 

Divine D'Zine has been baking up little treasures since Jan 2010. We ventured off Jan 2013 with the tiered cakes. We were anxious to jump into such wildly world of CAKE! Call us today, so we can "dzine" a sweet treat for you!...
So! Eat CAKE and be HAPPY!...  
Ordering your unique Divine D'Zine creation is simple and sweet. You may contact us at divinedzinegb@ aol.com

"Sweet Cake Bit" for new "Custom" cake seekers
Ok!...Custom cakes do come at a "little" custom price verses your traditional "Store" bought cake. Most cake designers or "WE" Divine D'Zine make our cakes and cupcakes strictly from SCRATCH!....and MOST or ALL details take up to a week to complete on most cakes you see on our site. Meaning a 7-10 day notice on MOST cakes is very sufficient.
You don't have to sacrifice "Sophistication" or "Elegance" to have a nice simple cake at your event. We can make cute and small  "Show Stopper" cakes affordable. You just have to be true to your budget. And true to knowing what real Art and Cake design really is. And how much time go into designing a cake especially for you.  Contact us we will love to help you the rest of the way for your event.

Sweet Table Packages
Dessert Display Ideas:
ALL Inclusive​

Our Sweet Table Packages is an awesome way to "WOW" your guest with a Scrumptious variety of sweet treats.
And a Time Saver for the Hostess!

Our Sweet Table Packages Include: 
Dessert Table Treats,
Cake Stands, Dessert Trays, Platters, Basic design and décor of the table and Breakdown. Within 15 miles outside of National Harbor.

New Package options will 
be available soon!....

​Please Call to Inquire about Package and Pricing Options.

Sweet Table Selection List:

Mini Cheesecake Bites
Two bite Shortbread Cookies
Dipped Madeleine Cookies
Mini Dessert Parfait Cups
Dipped Strawberries
Assorted Macarons
Rice Krispie Treats 
White chocolate Pretzels 

Let us "D'Zine something sweet for you!.